Carpathian Beef is the first Romanian brand under which it is marketed also Romanian beef aged!

We are a brand with a mission: to take the meat from a culinary challenge to a gourmet success. To cultivate the taste for beef, returning the natural savour on the plate. To tell loud and clear the story, the tenacity, the tradition and the science behind every piece of meat.

We have created Carpathian Beef to regain what was once a memory – the traditional and authentic taste.

This is why we carefully select the cattle, raised freely and exclusively in Romania.

This way we are bringing the nice, natural and distinct taste of the beef meat on a plate.

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Tradition goes even further by adding the aging tenderness to the authentic flavour.

The Carpathian Beef cuts undergo a natural process – with a talent that ennobles the meat. The beef is kept for several days in controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and air, in order to gain the perfect tenderness and an exceptional gourmet steak.

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The freshness is the first criteria we appreciate at a piece of meat.

We know this and this is the reason why we pack the Carpathian Beef products with the same care we select the animals and cuts.

Learn here how we do it and why the packaging is so important.

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We invite you to join us in a journey from the pitchfork to the fork, to discover the authentic Romanian beef!